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Dan’s Signed Book Giveaway!

Hey everyone,


I will be giving away two personally signed copies of my debut novel, ‘The Lighter That Shone Like A Star’ to celebrate its release onto paperback!

There will be one Facebook and one Twitter competition – you can enter both to double your chances of winning!

The rules are easy-peasy.


– Follow @TheDanCash

– Retweet the tweet that I will tweet soon. (You’ll see it, I’ll make it obvious. And I’ll do a couple over the next few days, too.)

– Wait ’til 4pm Sunday 22nd June where I will reveal the lucky winner!



– ‘Like’ my page.

– Like and share my post that tells you to like and share! (You’ll see it, I’ll make it obvious. I will only do the one, but I’ll make sure it’s at the top of my page!)

-Wait ’til 4pm Sunday 22nd June where I will reveal the lucky winner!


See, how simple.

Obviously, the winners must be willing for me to have an address to which I can mail the book. I will use this address for the competition purposes only and destroy all records once the parcel has been sent.

Entrants must be human.


Thank you everyone!


For more information about the novel up for grabs, its UK Amazon Kindle page is here, and US page here!

Obviously, paperback copies are also available from Amazon UK, Europe and US, or Createspace.


Thank you and good luck!

I hope you win.


Dan Cash



If someone invented a time-travel machine,

And offered adventure to up-ahead or past-seen,

But you had only one chance to jump on and go,

Would it be past or future? Unforeseen or long ago?


You could try to stop Hitler, or meet Henry Eight,

Join Chris Columbus, find America the Great,

Sing with the Beatles and rock with Elvis Presley,

Watch Shakespeare at the Globe, or kickbox with Bruce Lee.


That old dinner with five people, dead or alive,

Not impossible thanks to this magic device.

But the past is the past, that is true enough said,

Is it wrong to want to visit those that are dead?


The future, after all, is a mystical place,

And we’ll never know what worries we’ll have to face.

Glimpsing years ahead may show you another war,

You could find out in advance what we’re fighting for.


Unanswerable questions could be already solved,

You come back to present, future problems resolved.

Do we stop being selfish, us human beings?

For the sake of our planet, are we foreseeing?


And what of your own life, your friends and family,

Is it all bright and joyous, or should you not see?

Could you return and be happy, or just feel glum,

If you saw that your future was squalor and slum?


So what would you opt for, were you given the chance:

Relive happy times or see new ones in advance?

Perhaps the right answer is one not considered,

Stay here contented, your mind thus not untethered.


Why visit the past when all is unchangeable?

Why see the future when right now is unstable?

Live for the moment while cherishing memory,

Embrace the next chapters; excitement and mystery.



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